Tighter Together Success Kit-Jan 2021

Hey girl hey! If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have signed up for Tighter Together Jan 2021! Congrats to you for being here! Tighter Together is the only fitness program that I have seen consistent results from! This is my 6th time completing the 4-week challenge brought to us by Madeline Moves. Since this ain’t my first rodeo, I thought it would be helpful to share some things that would be beneficial to anyone who is completing the challenge starting January 4th, 2021! Whether this is your 1st time or 6th, you may find a few things that will help you succeed more than ever before during this round of Tighter Together! Let’s get into it!

  • Our mind is  the strongest “muscle” in our bodies. What we tell ourselves is POWERFUL. Uplifting self-talk is an absolute must. Start believing in yourself! The process of macros and exercise works, it’s science, y’all. All you have to do is commit to the process and show up for 4 weeks and you absolutely will be blown away at your results! Also, 2 weeks into it, you will be weary, but KEEP GOING! Trust the process, trust, trust, trust!
  • Pick your mantra! When I was marathon training I had two: “embrace the pain” and “just do it” Yes, Nike took the latter, but there were so many days I tried to talk myself out of a run, but I would just tell myself “Just do it” and instead of talking myself out of it, I did it. Keep your mantras short and to the point, you want something quick and easy that will come to mind in those moments when you want to quit. 
  • Visualization is a powerful tool you can use to coach your brain to make the changes you want to see in yourself during this challenge. If you like podcasts, check out this one, it has some amazing information about the brain and what happens when we properly visualize ourselves being successful.
  • If this 4-week challenge is going to be the start of you making a new habit (or a few new habits), I cannot recommend this book more! I read Atomic Habits this summer and it changed the way I approach new habits! I have it on audiobook and am going to try to re-read it over the weekend.


  • MyFitnessPal App: If you are going to be logging your macros, you will need something to keep track of everything. This app is user-friendly and already has most of the recipes in our Tighter Together Manual programmed into it. All you would need to do is search the recipe, track how many grams of it you ate, and voila!
  • Food Scale: If you don’t have one already, this is a must for macro tracking. Weighing out your portions on the food scale will give you the most accurate measure of your macros. I use this cheap one from Amazon, it’s the same one Madeline uses!
  • Good Tupperware containers- if you are going to be meal prepping like me, you’ll need some good tupperware to store you food in! My favorite ones are Pyrex like these.
  • Protein Powder: I will forever struggle to hit my protein grams each day, it is so hard for me! A protein-shake is a must for me every day! I use this one from amazon.
  • If you want more recipes than the ones given in our Tighter Together Manuals, I recently purchased the “One” cookbook by Lillie Eats and Tells. I am loving it so far! She has a ton of new recipes, many of them are one-pan meals (which I am all about), and everything I have made has been delicious (and Harrison-approved!) When you buy it you immediately get a digital copy, and then she will mail you a hard copy. She shares lots of free recipes on her blog and IG as well.
  • Good water bottle- I have been SO bad about getting enough water lately, and I am ordering this water bottle from Amazon because it has the time of day on the bottle to keep you drinking water throughout the day. I really want to be better about drinking water, I know how important it is!
  • Cute workout clothes- this one is not a MUST, but I will say there is something about a new pair of leggings or a workout top that makes me so excited to get back into the gym. I just bought this cute crop top from Athleta and I did a spin class in it already and LOVE it! good compression but not too much and it just keeps everything in place
  • Make up wipes from Beautycounter! These are amazing if you are doing the workouts in the evenings and want to get your makeup off before you start. Made with all clean ingredients!


The Tighter Together community is amazing! Make sure you are tapping into the benefits of this community. Things like this are so much more fun when done with other like-minded people, and usually you will be more successful if you have others to hold you accountable! Join the facebook group, if you haven’t already. Make a fitness IG if you aren’t comfortable sharing on your main account.

Find a friend to do this with you! I remember my first ever time doing it I saw a girl at the gym who was doing the same workout I was and it turned out she was doing TT too! We exchanged numbers and ended up meeting at the gym to workout together! This is so much more fun with community. 

Follow me on instagram @strongersaferbeauty where I will be sharing food I’m making and some of the workouts!


The KEY to this challenge, is PREPARATION! Knowing what foods you will be eating throughout the week will help you stay on track and not be tempted to veer off course.

  • It’s a date! Set aside a time every day for you to do the workouts, and put it in your calendar! Guard this time and treat it like an “appointment,” so that you stick to it every day. Some days you will not feel like doing them, and that’s okay, but do it anyway 🙂
  • Go through the recipes today and pick out the ones you want to make for the week. If you want to take it a step further, you can go ahead and prepare your grocery list based on the ingredients in the recipes. Set yourself up for success so that during the week you don’t have to THINK, you just EXECUTE!
  • Pre-logging: Some people find a lot of freedom in pre-logging their meals for the day before the day even starts! That way they can see exactly how much of any certain food they can eat to HIT their macros.

I hope that this was helpful for you as you prepare for Tighter Together 2021! This challenge is fun, and I truly believe if you commit to the process, you’ll be so glad you did! Ultimately, it’s YOUR challenge, so take everything I said and make it your own. I am just speaking to things that have helped me be successful. Looking forward to the new year, Cheers to 2021!



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